Medical Cannabis Trends for 2021

The medical cannabis industry is in an exciting stage in 2021 and Patient Choice is here for you as the Canadian medical cannabis community continues to expand. Current cannabis products & accessories are being tried and reviewed by patients, and new products and accessories are constantly emerging. As the market evolves, we can see various trends which show how patients are engaging with their medical cannabis products.

Every month there is, on average, a 10% increase in the number of Canadians registering as medical cannabis patients. The baby boomers getting older has meant that there will be more and more demand for medical cannabis, as older adults are likely to encounter chronic illnesses in which cannabis can be used as an effective form of treatment.

Dried flower (dried cannabis) can be characterized as ‘sativa,’ ‘indica,’ and ‘hybrid.’ Current trends show indica as being the most popular on the market for patients. Some of the ailments that Indica strains can help alleviate for patients are muscle and body pain, inflammation, migraines, and sleep issues.

Some of the most recommended strains currently trending for insomnia and sleep issues are indicas with high THC levels; i.e. ‘Purple Kush’ which boasts a 27% THC level, and ‘MK Ultra’ which offers insomnia sufferers a 23% THC level.

High-THC cannabis products will remain a consistent trend for medical cannabis patients in the  effective treatment of sleep issues and sleep disorders. Research shows that under the influence of THC, we are able to fall asleep faster, allowing us to rest longer in the third phase of sleep i.e. the ‘deep sleep stage’; 35-45 minutes after falling asleep. This is the most important stage in the sleep cycle, where real rest and healing of the body takes place.

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Cancer and its associated side effects still represent the number one illness medical cannabis is being used to treat. In addition to cancer, the effects of arthritis, migraines, epilepsy and sleep disorders are also being treated with medical cannabis.

And what about CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)? Both are trending in the medical cannabis community, with CBD being extensively researched for increasingly new uses and applications. 

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What’s trending in how medical cannabis is being consumed? Patients are choosing from a variety of options based on their preference and/or what works best for them: smoking dried flower (dried cannabis), oils & tinctures, vaporizers, edibles & beverages. All of these options are popular consumption methods, and currently, oils & tinctures are trending in terms of biggest market share.

So why are Cannabis oils & tinctures becoming increasingly popular? As medical cannabis users diversify, they want versatile ingestion options. Cannabis oils & tinctures are just that: they can be added to a huge variety of foods & drinks, and can be administered in various healthy ways. Medical cannabis users commonly consume oils & tinctures sublingually (under the tongue) which means the tincture absorbs rapidly (onset is 15-30 mins with peak effects at 90 mins). Patients suffering from pain and/or insomnia, for example, might find this very appealing as a treatment option. 

Cannabis oils & tinctures allow patients to choose the dose that works for them with complete accuracy, to learn their minimum effective dose (the smallest amount of cannabis needed to manage a condition), and allows them to consume cannabis discreetly and without odor. Oils and tinctures also yield a long shelf life when stored properly. 

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What we do know is that with all the growth and expansion in the medical cannabis world, there will continue to be more variety in cannabis products and accessories offered to patients. With the continued increase in numbers of Canadians signing up as registered medical cannabis patients, there will continue to be a diverse range of patients accessing medical cannabis too.

Patients (and their Doctors) are becoming more informed about the benefits of medical cannabis for physical and mental health; which means products and accessories will reflect that awareness. As doctors also become more knowledgeable about cannabis’ health benefits, it is likely that we will see increased medical cannabis prescriptions; as promising medical cannabis research continues on many different levels.


Patient Choice is committed to staying ahead of medical cannabis trends, so that we can offer our patients the best variety of high-quality medical cannabis products and accessories currently available.

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