Patient Choice: High Quality Products at a One-Stop-Shop

At Patient Choice, we understand that in the rapidly growing cannabis industry it can be hard to pick high-quality products suitable for your health and wellness goals.  With an ever growing number of patients looking to embrace medical cannabis to aid their wellness efforts, Patient Choice has created a one stop shop for their convenience. 

The past year saw a 24% increase in the number of federally licensed medical cannabis users. In June 2020, the number of patients stood at 303,221, but by September this number had soared to 377,024. This illustrates the significant interest in medicinal cannabis, with approximately 400,000 Canadians now accessing the plant for its medicinal value.

Patient Choice has created a hub of wrap-around services, which combine to provide a one of a kind experience for medical cannabis users. The patient experience is of paramount importance to the company, which has developed the platform to be as straightforward as possible.

To begin, you can shop by product type or attribute. This means you can browse Patient Choice’s extensive portfolio by a specific trait, such as ‘organic’ or ‘high THC’ for patients who  need substantial pain relief. Similarly you can also filter products by ‘high CBD’, if you need relief from inflammation or poor sleep. Alternatively you can shop by product format, which provides the option to purchase cannabis oil, vapes, edibles, beverages, dried flower, pre-rolls, seeds and clones. 

“Our commitment is to provide our patients with convenient access to a broad range of high quality products that are fairly priced. We’re passionate about creating a fair, diversified, and equitable ecosystem for our patients and producers,” says Joel Taylor, co-founder of Patient Choice.

The beauty and simplicity in our service is the flexibility and freedom to purchase medicinal cannabis from various providers. For example, once your medical document is registered with Patient Choice, you will not need to re-register with other cultivators if you want to try another grower’s product.

Patient Choice is continually onboarding new suppliers. If you're a producer, processor, or nursery interested in learning more or listing your products, please get in touch!

Patient Choice has created a new ecosystem that redefines how patients access and receive medical cannabis. We offer our community the choice to purchase medicine from a wide variety of medical cannabis producers, including micro-cultivators that specialize in small batch production. Our impartial business model helps these craft producers get their selection of high-quality cannabis products to our patients quickly and easily. Through this mutually beneficial relationship patients can access a wide range of craft cannabis, which in turn helps to support independent craft producers in the regulated market.

Patient Choice is here to help if you need advice or guidance in selecting the right medical cannabis products for your particular medical needs.We want you to have the freedom to explore and experience the vast amount of products and services we offer, while ensuring that your health, satisfaction, and wellness is our top priority.

Register With Patient Choice

If you’re an interested customer, you just need to register here with your medical certificate. If you’re an interested producer, processor, or nursery, we are continually onboarding new suppliers and we would love to hear from you.