Why Partner with Patient Choice?

Patient Choice offers a “win-win” business model for our medical cannabis patients and for our carefully-selected medical cannabis producers and processors. With our trustworthy, licensed, and compliant medical platform, producers can highlight and sell their products to a large and ever-increasing group of Canadian patients; patients who use our platform because they trust us to connect them to high-quality medical cannabis.

We respect and value our patients’ trust; which is why we select the producers we partner with very carefully. In return, our producers gain that trust too, and as we all know, trust is paramount when it comes to patients and the medical cannabis they depend on.

Patient Choice has partnered with Dykstra Greenhouses, a federally Licensed Producer and Processor of Cannabis in St. Catharines, Ontario to bring you top quality medical cannabis products.  Dykstra Greenhouses is a 30-year-old family-run business who became federally licensed to produce cannabis in 2019. With years in the horticulture and landscaping sector, this brings experience in professional plant growth, cultivation and care that lends itself well to the cannabis industry. Dykstra's motto states: “We strive to offer you a superior product. We grow our cannabis with the same quality and care as if it were going to our own families, that way you feel comfortable giving it to yours”.  

“Partnering with Dykstra Greenhouses increases our continuing effort to offer our patients superior medical cannabis products,” says Andrew Richards, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at Patient Choice.

Producers, Processors, and Nurseries interested in knowing more about us and/or partnering with us: please get in touch here!

Once patients are registered, they gain seamless access to medical cannabis products & accessories from every producer we’re partnered with via our simple one-stop shop (powered by Shopify).

Craft producers are also welcomed by Patient Choice. We know it can be a difficult market for smaller-scale producers who get overshadowed by bigger ones. We are passionate about our equitable new ecosystem aimed at protecting patients while at the same time supporting craft producers; all within a model that offers fair pricing for both.

At Patient Choice, this presents us with ever-increasing opportunities to connect our patients with a robust and trusted selection of producers of high-quality medical cannabis (including seeds & clones from various producers for patients’ personal & designated growing purposes).

We offer craft producers a really simple & cost-effective way to highlight their great medical cannabis products: click here to partner with us!

Many medical cannabis patients are brand new to the world of cannabis to treat their ailments. So they are looking toward trusted platforms to introduce them to the vast (and sometimes overwhelming) selection of products available to them. Patient Choice allows our patients to shop by product type or shop by attribute like ‘high THC’ so patients can browse & compare our producers’ products simply.

In the recent Canadian Cannabis Survey conducted by Health Canada, medical cannabis users were asked where they obtained their medical cannabis; the results are below. Regarding Canadians who purchase medical cannabis from a Health Canada licensed producer, 76% reported they will continue to access cannabis from a licensed producer now that legal retail sales for non-medical cannabis are available.

This highlights the trust that Canadian patients place in licensed producers to supply them with high quality medical cannabis, and as a result, an overwhelming majority of patients will continuously purchase their medicine from these trusted licensed producers.

We are continuously onboarding new trusted suppliers; Producers, Processors, and Nurseries can contact us to learn more and hopefully list your medical cannabis products to our growing group of Canadian patients!