Dry Sift Hash 1 g by Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs Dry Sift Hash is made from a single-origin, high-THC flower that is flash frozen and sifted for high purity, potency, and flavor. Quality concentrates require quality starting materials and using quality flowers results in a potent high THC product. This Dry Sift Hash was extracted from our first tumble of single-origin flower to ensure purity. Tumbling flash-frozen flower through screens isolates trichomes from plant material to produce a Grade A concentrated product.






High THC


Blue Dream, Sky Pilot

Medical Allotment Deduction

1G = 1G

Supplier Profile

Tantalus Labs was founded on a commitment to advancing the frontier of cannabis. We are a team of scientists, designers, and engineers committed to cultivating world-class BC cannabis in specialized, purpose-built greenhouses. Today, we are leading a cultural revolution in sustainable cannabis cultivation, continuing to push growing practices and standards onward and upward. Using the ideal, naturally occurring conditions found in beautiful BC to create an enhanced growing environment while reducing the negative impact on the planet’s resources.