BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk By Coast Mountain Cannabis


Unique to Coast Mountain Cannabis, our BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk is an Indica dominant hybrid that traces back to two legendary strains; The Pure (Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold Sativa, Super Silver Haze, with Super Skunk Haze), and Layer Cake (Wedding Cake crossed with TK Skunk), making a beautifully bold 75% Indica hybrid that’s bursting with citrus skunky flavors. The Pure aka. Skunk #1 was the first true stabilized hybrid grown in Dutch greenhouses, bred from Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold Sativa. Although there is an Indica influence present, it’s the deep Sativa heritage of strong, long-lasting effects passed down through Super Silver Haze and Super Skunk Haze that we’ve cultivated into our BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk. Layer Cake is a highly potent Indica dominant hybrid that sports forest green hues and oversized nugs, which our BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk has clearly inherited...the largest nug we found on our first trim day weighed an impressive 6.3g dry! Fitting these hand-trimmed beauties into our reusable 3.5g glass jars was a tough task for our local staff. Fear not though, we take professional pride in preserving such perfection and only provide the chunkiest, funkiest, BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk available. Talking of funk, our team reports that the dried flower smells like, “the punk skunk from the top bunk with a bolt of citrus to boot”. Strong citrus notes accompany the familiar skunky nose that we’ve come to love over the years, a sure sign of high Myrcene content. We’re happy that our organic farming methods ensure these terpenes are translated from scent to taste, producing a highly fruity flavor from dry pull to last drag.






Indica Dominant Hybrid


Layer Cake x Super Skunk Haze

Terpene Profile

2.4% Total Terps 1.6% Myrcene 0.3% Beta Caryophyllene 0.2% Linalool

Medical Allotment Deduction

1 Gram is 1 Gram


Ultra-Premium/Limited Supply/BC Organic cannabis grown indoors in organic living soil without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Flowers are dried using a slow cold cure, before being carefully hand trimmed and packed in glass jars. The strong lineage of Pure Cake Skunk is from Layer Cake and the forefathers of Super Skunk Haze. The dominant terpenes are Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool resulting in High THC, skunky, beautiful buds.

Supplier Profile

Coast Mountain Cannabis is located within the unceded territory of Líl̓wat Nation and honours the language, culture, and history of the Lil̓wat7úl. Naturally, we only want to provide our community with the best cannabis possible, ourselves included. It’s a rewarding responsibility that helps us improve the quality of life for people we care about. BC Bud is world renowned for producing the finest cannabis with high potency and we are dedicated to continuing this legacy, now with an organic edge. At Coast Mountain Cannabis we are committed to using 90% renewable electricity, never use harmful pesticides or fertilizers and minimize the use of plastic in our packaging.