CBD Earth (0.5g) By Purefarma

Size: 1/2 gram

Purefarma's EARTH CBD Oil is carefully extracted from the highest quality, hand harvested CBD flower.  Our proprietary extraction process allows us to produce a full plant vapeable product, preserving the plants distinctive earthy notes, subtle flavours and all the natural beneficial properties, without the need for back-added terpenes, flavors or carrier oil, resulting in a product that fully embodies the strain specific benefits unavailable in a formulated distillate product. Understand the process, know the ingredients... demand the best!


<40 mg/g


<750 mg/g



Supplier Profile

At PureFarma, we are patients helping patients, and we believe in the value of preserving the whole plant properties of cannabis. Our gentle proprietary processes ensure that we avoid degradation and preserve the true essence of the plant’s medicinal properties. We carefully select our biomass and use an ethical balance of science and alchemy to offer up unique, one of a kind products, that cater to the patient’s individual needs.