Sky Pilot by Tantalus Labs

Size: 3.5G
Sky Pilot is a sweet and pungent indica-dominant strain, selected exclusively by Tantalus Labs from a Blue Dream cross. The two parent strains of the popular Blue Dream include Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. While Blue Dream leans characteristically sativa, Sky Pilot shows more traits found on the indica side, including a larger and denser bud structure. Aptly named after the prominent Sky Pilot peak in the Tantalus Mountain Range, this high THC strain features large buds with an ultra-frosted appearance. The scent of blueberry with hints of spice and pine makes for a familiar diversion from the classic Blue Dream strain.




Indica dominant


Blue Dream cross

Supplier Profile

Tantalus Labs was founded on a commitment to advancing the frontier of cannabis. We are a team of scientists, designers, and engineers committed to cultivating world-class BC cannabis in specialized, purpose-built greenhouses. Today, we are leading a cultural revolution in sustainable cannabis cultivation, continuing to push growing practices and standards onward and upward. Using the ideal, naturally occurring conditions found in beautiful BC to create an enhanced growing environment while reducing the negative impact on the planet’s resources.