Darkest Side of The Moon By Dykstra Greenhouses


This flower, marked by its dark green color, is the first to be grown in our expansion grow area approved by Health Canada. This Indica dominant hybrid strain, Darkest Side of the Moon, takes us back to our Dutch roots as this plant was tested and bred in the Netherlands in the 1980s. Its distinct smell and aroma single this bud out, but not in an overpowering way. The buds are covered in resin which allows them to dry crisp and fresh. The flower has an earthy, woody aroma and a slight taste of sweetness to round out the taste experience. Darkest Side of the Moon is a flower for nighttime use or on one of those days where rest and relaxation are partnered with no responsibilities or obligations. If you are looking for a pre-curser to a great night's sleep, the Darkest Side of the Moon is a great option.






Indica Dominant


Hash Plant, Northern Lights

Terpene Profile

Limonene - 6% b-Caryophyllene - 4%

Medical Allotment Deduction

1G = 1G

Supplier Profile

From our family to yours: Here at Dykstra Landscaping & Greenhouses, we strive to offer you a superior product. Something we are proud to put our name on. With that in mind, we grow our cannabis with the same quality and care as if it were going to our own families. That way you feel comfortable giving it to yours.