LYF Edibles

LYF creates expertly crafted confectionery, chocolate, and baked cannabis-infused edibles. We use advanced research and development to create industry-leading infusion technologies, consistent shelf stability, and accurate dosing to bring to market safe and enjoyable cannabis products. LYF has over 25 years of experience in large-scale food manufacturing for some of the largest grocery, health, and wellness retailers and pharmacies across Canada

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Vacay Score! Toffee Crunch By LYF Edibles
NSA Milk Chocolate By LYF Edibles
Vacay Twisted Berry By LYF Edibles
Vacay Watermelon Splash By LYF Edibles
Vacay Lemonade Stand Fruit Chews By LYF Edibles
Vacay Ice Cream Sandwich By LYF Edibles
Vacay Acai Berry Burst By LYF Edibles
Vacay Very Cherry By LYF Edibles
NSA Dark Almond By LYF Edibles
NSA Dark Almond 1:1 By LYF Edibles
NSA Milk Coffee Quinoa By LYF Edibles