Niagara Melon By Dykstra Greenhouses


This Sativa flower has a consistently high potential of THC potency. This narrow-leafed, full of flower plant has an overabundance of trichomes from its flowery center carrying on throughout its trim and leaves. The amount of snow like substance found on the flower would have helped C.S. Lewis describe the winter wonderland of Narnia. Our product has significant levels of myrcene which give off spicy, woody, and ripe flavors. Niagara Mellon gives off the aroma of cantaloupe and melon which are accented by the spiciness (ocimene). Overall, the flower has a sweet and herb-like flavor (guaiol). Our product as identified in its name is homegrown and hand nurtured at our greenhouse facility, steps from the Niagara Escarpment. The Niagara Region is one of the oldest parts of Canada so it links well with the older of the terpenes guaiol, which can be traced back to the 16th century. Make Niagara Mellon a part of your casual, stay at home evening.






Sativa Dominant


Haze, Mexican Landrace

Terpene Profile

b-Myrcene - 7% trans-b-Ocimene - 2%

Medical Allotment Deduction

1G = 1G

Supplier Profile

From our family to yours: Here at Dykstra Landscaping & Greenhouses, we strive to offer you a superior product. Something we are proud to put our name on. With that in mind, we grow our cannabis with the same quality and care as if it were going to our own families. That way you feel comfortable giving it to yours.