Concord Kush Clones By Dykstra Greenhouses

Single packs: 6 Clones

This Sativa/Indica hybrid flower has a consistently high potential of THC potency. Its vast array of terpenes give this flower a number of different scents and tastes. Some of the best-grown pine trees are found in the Niagara Region and the hint of pine (guaiol, pinene) should come as no surprise in our product. It's spicy, balsam aroma (myrcene) adds to the flavor. A strong scent of grape aroma also comes through our Concord Kush which draws in the association with the Niagara Region. With all of these aromas and flavors to be found within our product, it comes as no surprise that Concord Kush is about being happy, creative, relaxed, and hungry, all at the same time. Nestled within the middle of wine country gives this flower a home and location within Niagara, yet it travels the world in terms of its abundance of taste and smell.






Concord Kush


Critical Mass, OG Kush

Terpene Profile

Limonene - 3% b-Caryophyllene - 3%

Medical Allotment Deduction

1 Plant counts against ACMPR limit

Supplier Profile

From our family to yours: Here at Dykstra Landscaping & Greenhouses, we strive to offer you a superior product. Something we are proud to put our name on. With that in mind, we grow our cannabis with the same quality and care as if it were going to our own families. That way you feel comfortable giving it to yours.