About Us

You deserve convenience, choice, and competitive pricing. 

Patient Choice is a Health Canada licensed online medical platform that connects medical cannabis patients, licensed producers, and processors. Our goal is to give both patients and providers more choice and a better deal, while keeping things simple for prescribing healthcare professionals. 

The Patient Choice platform gives medical cannabis patients flexible and convenient freedom to purchase their supply from a range of different providers. Once your medical document is securely registered with Patient Choice, there’s no need to re-register with different cultivators every time you want to try something new. And if your primary provider runs out of a preferred medication, you have seamless access to every other producer and processor on our site, with no hassle. 

We give licensed producers and processors a simple, cost-effective, and non-exclusive channel to access a significantly larger patient base and provide broader direct exposure of their product lines, with control over their own pricing. Patient Choice also supports equal opportunity by giving craft producers a simple way to access the medical cannabis market regardless of their scale, so that medical cannabis patients have the widest possible freedom and choice.

Patient Choice is here to change the medical cannabis market for the better, for both patients and providers. Join us.