Medical Document Overview

We will need your medical document to complete your registration. 

If you upload a valid medical document as part of your registration form... Your registration will be reviewed immediately, and you will receive an email if it is approved.
If you are referred to Patient Choice by a clinic partner... The clinic will send your medical document directly. You do not need to take further action. 
If you do not currently have a medical recommendation document...

Please see your family doctor or a medical cannabis clinic to determine if cannabis is right for you. One good option is our friends at O'Cannabis Clinic.

If you are speaking with your doctor or a medical cannabis clinic... Click here for a document that you can share with your doctor or clinic to assist in making the registration process smooth and easy for you. They can return the document to
If you are already registered with a licensed producer... You can contact them and ask to have your documentation transferred to Patient Choice, at If they require further details, we are registered with Health Canada as Empress Agri Sales, doing business as Patient Choice.
If you aren’t sure which producer you are currently registered with... You can also call the medical clinic you received your medical documentation from and request that your documentation be moved to Patient Choice, by sending your document to


Medical documents can be emailed to or sent by secure fax to 1-855-930-3666. They can also be sent to A9A 6120 2nd Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L8. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Patient Care team at 1-888-585-8890 or email

We look forward to having you as one of our valued patients.