Submitting Your Medical Document

One-Stop Telemedicine Services Coming Soon – Stay Tuned!

We're working on seamlessly integrating the whole patient registration process to make things easy for you. This will include:

  • Consultation with a Healthcare practitioner
  • Acquisition of a Medical Document
  • Registration with Patient Choice
  • Educational material
  • Access to varied high-grade medical cannabis products 

In the interim, here's how to register with Patient Choice. 

If you have an existing Medical Document registered with another cannabis producer: 

  • Contact your current producer and direct them to transfer your Medical Document to Empress Agri Sales via email at or secure fax at 1-855-930-3666. (That's us - Empress is a Health Canada Licence Holder, doing business as Patient Choice.)

If you do not have an existing Medical Document and want to register with Patient Choice:

  1. Complete a Medical Document with your Healthcare practitioner. 
We require the original version of your Medical Document, completed by your Healthcare practitioner. We can accept this document by email to info@patient-choice, by secure fax to1-855-930-3666, directly from your Healthcare practitioner’s office. Otherwise, you or your Healthcare practitioner will need to mail us the original paper version (address below). If you need assistance with this, we will be pleased to arrange for the collection of your forms and/or to provide you with a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope upon request.
  1. Complete our Registration Form.  
The easiest way to complete our registration form is online, by clicking right here
If you'd prefer to fill out a paper version, you or your Healthcare practitioner can download the Registration Form, fill it out, and send it to us.
You can send your registration form to us via:

Secure ePortal fax line: 1-855-930-3666



Regular mail:

ATTN: Patient Care Team

Unit# A09A 6120-2 Street SE

Calgary, AB, Canada T2H 2L8

Once you have completed the Registration Form and submitted your Medical Document, we will verify the documents and send you a confirmation email, at which point you can place your first order. 

Still have questions or need help?

To reach our Patient Care Team, and/or for help filling out the registration form, contact us by telephone at 1-888-585-8890 or by email at