Starting Materials

We have a great selection of starting materials!

As a medical cannabis patient, you are legally able to order finished products like oils, vapes, tinctures, tropicals and edibles. 

If you have your ACMPR license, you can order from our great selection of starting materials and begin growing your own cannabis right away.

How do you get your ACMPR license?

There are clinics that can assist you in this process. They charge for this service, with a wide range of pricing. 

You can call the clinic that provided you with your medical recommendation and let them know that you would like an original copy of your document to mail to Health Canada. This is completely free, and clinics are legally obligated to provide it to you. If your clinic is local you can likely walk in and pick it up. If not, they will mail the document to you.

Once you have done that, fill out this form and mail it and the original copy of your document to Health Canada. 

Once Health Canada receives your documents, processing can take a long time, with COVID-19 slowing this process even further. Please be patient; we know it can be a frustrating process.

Once you receive your ACMPR license, please provide us with a copy. We will then upload it to your file, and you will be able to order starting materials. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

If you are looking to get started with cultivation and need nutrients, tents, grow boxes and or advice please reach out to our friends at Indoor Growing Canada