1 Gram Honey Oil Dispenser By Pura Vida


Pura Vida Honey Oil Extract Dispenser – Your essential extract multi-tool! This all-glass dispenser tool is heat resistant and safe for use for applying directly into dab rigs, and dab pens. The product is also fully decarbed, which means it can be consumed orally, or topically for multi-uses. This product is great for adding full-spectrum concentrates to anything else – rolling papers, refill vape carts, and more.


Indica Hybrid

Medical Allotment Deduction

4 grams

Supplier Profile

Pura Vida strives to create innovative products formulated to complement your daily routine. We believe in full spectrum extractions; from our legendary vapes to our life enhancing tinctures, we preserve the terpene rich flavour profiles and supporting cannabinoids. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, boost your immune system, or simply relax and unwind from the demand of everyday life; wherever you are, whatever you do, we have a product specifically for you.