Chem Stallion Regular seeds By Apollo Green

Size: 10 pack

Chem Stallion is known for its heavy yields and extremely pungent flowers. This powerful hybrid boasts the favorable yields of the early 1990’s Pure Power plant from Holland with the added potency gained from the Chem 91 genetics. Expect rock-hard resin-coated flowers that are truly impressive. Aggressively pungent flowers to be found as well as a few rare phenotypes that possess a unique semi-sweet aroma. Plants have robust structures with ideal branching. Chem Stallions are vigorous and as such can grow into large healthy specimens. Suitable for cultivation indoor, outdoor, and in greenhouses. These large cultivars have a 9 to 10 week and will finish outside mid-October. Terpenes have tested above 3.5% with her cannabinoids reaching above 20% THC.

This product is available in Ontario only




> 1%


Balanced Hybrid


Pure Power Plant x Chem 91 Skunk VA

Medical Allotment Deduction

1 Plant = 1 Plant


Heavy Yields. -High Terpene Content. -High THC Content. -Resistant to pests. -Resistant to mold. -Suitable for outdoor cultivation. -Does not grow too tall. -Flowers are dense. -Large size of flowers. -High leaf to calix ratio

Supplier Profile

Apollo Green is Canada’s leader in Cannabis Genetics. Using the largest bank of cannabis genetics that boasts superior and exotic lineage, the company’s mission is to provide an ever growing options of seeds and clones to medical patients and recreational consumers. Apollo Green provides millions of clean, trusted seeds and cannabis clones backed by the foremost tissue culture technology to reduce risks, costs and time-to-market for licensed producers globally.