Texada Outdoor Pheno Blend By Weathered Islands

Package Size: 450 seeds

A pheno hunter's dream! Weathered Islands took a selection of seeds from a 2019 harvest and blended them into a potent mix of outdoor genetics. If you are looking for that new pheno, this blend is for you. Sold in bulk at a great price.

Minimum order 100 seeds for $450. For larger orders, get in touch






High THC

Supplier Profile

Texada Island, with its long history of breeding and developing legendary cannabis genetics, is home to Weathered Islands Nursery, an exciting new cannabis company with a desire to combine the vigour and aromas of today’s modern genetics, with the classic strains of yesterday. Weathered Islands is continuing to innovate and develop outdoor Canadian cannabis varieties, while providing proven outdoor starting materials such as seeds and clones for licensed cannabis companies and provincial retailers