February CBD Month Special CBD Oil Drops (30ml) By Pura Vida - 6 for the Price of 4

Size: 30 ml X6

February is an important month to us all with special events organized throughout the month to support Heart and Stroke Month, the Canadian Psychological Association, World Cancer Day, International Childhood Cancer Day and so much more. As we all come to learn the benefits of CBD for a broad range of applications, we are pleased to announce a very special CBD offer: 6 bottles for the price of 4. This offer will be active throughout the month of February. 

Pura Vida’s CBD Oil drops are carefully extracted from the highest quality, hand-harvested CBD flower and combined in pure organic MCT oil.  Our proprietary extraction process allows us to produce a full-plant profile, preserving the plant's distinctive earthy notes and subtle flavors without the need for back-added terpenes. Pura Vida's CBD oil drops are formulated for maximum bioavailability, providing full plant benefits simply unavailable in a formulated distillate product. Understand the process, know the ingredients... demand the best.


<1 mg/g


<20 mg/g



Supplier Profile

Pura Vida strives to create innovative products formulated to complement your daily routine. We believe in full spectrum extractions; from our legendary vapes to our life enhancing tinctures, we preserve the terpene rich flavour profiles and supporting cannabinoids. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, boost your immune system, or simply relax and unwind from the demand of everyday life; wherever you are, whatever you do, we have a product specifically for you.