Granola Funk Clones By Apollo Green

Size: 4 pack of clones 4 to 48

This ripper of a hybrid increases the density and yield of Girl Scout Cookies while its flavor profile highlights both parents with strong aromas of cookie, funk, gas, and lavender reaching 3-4% terps. Indica dominant strain ideal for indoor environments.

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These clones are available in the Ottawa area only.

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Indica Dominant Hybrid


Girl Scout Cookies x Wookie 15

Medical Allotment Deduction

1 Plant = 1 Plant

Supplier Profile

Apollo Green is Canada’s leader in Cannabis Genetics. Using the largest bank of cannabis genetics that boasts superior and exotic lineage, the company’s mission is to provide an ever growing options of seeds and clones to medical patients and recreational consumers. Apollo Green provides millions of clean, trusted seeds and cannabis clones backed by the foremost tissue culture technology to reduce risks, costs and time-to-market for licensed producers globally.