Blue Dream Clones By Virtue Cannabis


This classic crowd favorite strain produces sweet fruity aromas with the skunky funk of the cheese lineage. Expect a large yield of dense buds with dark blue hues throughout. Excellent for indoor or outdoor growing.

Rooted cuttings are cut to order when placed. To ensure the best start for your clones the order fulfillment target is 3 weeks from the time of order. Cuttings are mailed in a discrete unmarked package.

Flower Time:

63-70 days






Sativa Dominant


Blueberry X Cheese

Medical Allotment Deduction

1 Plant = 1 Plant

Supplier Profile

Virtue Cannabis Co is driven by creating a cultural space where cannabis is celebrated and respected, decisions are informed by science without imposing our desires, and where the status quo is challenged in the pursuit of progress and innovation. Virtue provides high quality cannabis products such that Canadians can make informed decisions about how they choose to consume and enjoy their experience.