Violator Kush 1:1 - 5 Feminized seed pack By Parkland Flower

Seeds: Five in a Vial

Violator Kush is a high-quality strain from the famed region of India where Malana Cream hashish finds its origin. This particular pheno is a rare balanced cultivar; coming in at 8-12%+ CBD and 7-10%+ THC. For those who prefer the "body high" of an Indica, Violator Kush delivers a very pleasing physical sensation of complete relaxation. With only 20% Sativa genetics, this is definitely an Indica-dominant variety. The strain has a pungent odor with strong earthy aromas and a musky taste.
Violator Kush is a small plant and rarely grows over 90cm in height. Violator Kush is best suited to mild climates. Indoors, Violator Kush should respond well to both soil and hydroponics. Flowering time is 8–9 weeks, yielding roughly 650g/m² indoors.

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Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Quebec






Sativa Dominant


Violator Kush

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